Cam Lift Hinge,Rising Hinge

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Product Description

Stainless Steel Cam Lift Hinge(Also Called Rising Hinge),4.5" High, 4" Open Wide, (0.18")4.6mm Thick

Model No.:NF-CL454046LH(Left Handing), NF-CL454046RH(Right Handing)

Cam Lift Hinges greatly improve sealing characteristics along the door perimeter by raising and lowering the door with the swing. When closed, the door drops to create a tight seal.

The CAM LIFT Hinge is available for right or left-hand swinging doors. CAM LIFT Hinges will not bind door closures when doors are hung within accepted industry standards 

Product Specifications: 

Base Material: Stainless Steel 304
Finish: 629 (US32D), or called Satin Stainless Steel
Size: W 4.0" (101.6mm) X H 4.5" (114.3mm) X 0.180" (4.6mm)
Gauge:0.180" (4.6mm)
Swing: Lift(rising) 10mm at opening 90°, lift 20mm at opening 180°, lift 30mm at  opening 270°
       Tolerances shall exist.

Door Clearance: Minimum clearance at head of frame is 3/16". For doors greater than 1-3/4" clearance is 1/4”
Screw Size: machine screw 12-24 x 7/32" for metal doors or/and wood screw1-1/4" x 12 for wood doors
Door Weight: Up to 250 lb. with 1-1/2 pairs (3 pieces Hinges per door leaf)

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